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Alan Broadbent



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DownBeat’s 2017 Readers Poll

Thank you everyone who voted for Alan in Downbeat’s Readers Poll, so appreciated.

Alan made it into all three suggested categories: Pianist, Composer and Arranger!

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Released today: “Developing Story”

recording with Peter Erskine, Harvie S and the London Metropolitan Orchestra

recording with Peter Erskine, Harvie S and the London Metropolitan Orchestra

Developing Story is the culmination of a life’s dream, a need I’ve always had to express something beautiful and substantial. I have to suppress my compulsion to be self critical, but I think I have succeeded in producing something meaningful and lasting. None of this would have transpired without Ralf Kemper’s encouragement, support and love, and I wish him all the success possible for the trials and tribulations he has gone through to realize this project. Lets hope it does well enough so that we can do some more! Link: Get “Developing Story”.

UK Tour review and upcoming albums

I’ve just returned from a small tour of the UK and a solo recording in Neuss, Germany. I’m writing to thank Georgia Mancio who wrote wonderful, musical lyrics to a host of my tunes written, literally, over the centuries. Oli Hayhurst on bass and Dave Ohm on drums were the best and at all times deeply swinging. And thanks to the audiences wherever we went who accepted these songs for adults as a given and who listened to them as seriously as they were intended. Georgia sang her heart out and we’ll have a CD of our time together coming out next April, “Songbook”.

In the middle of the tour I hopped over to Düsseldorf to record for my friend Ralf Kemper, who happens to have one of the most beautiful pianos on the planet. There I recorded an album’s worth of songs adapted from classical music. My most important goal was to reduce the mighty Wagner himself to a bunch of melodies (his), chord progressions (mostly, unbelievably, his) and rhythm (mine). I also wanted to present the greatness of his music in a way that could also be deeply and personally improvised on and not merely passed off as piano arrangements, something Liszt already did on a frightening level. I do believe I got the old boy to swing a little. This will be released later next year as “To the Evening Star”.

And finally, I’m awaiting the release on June 30, 2017 of “Developing Story” (please excuse the delay and pre-order here), produced by Ralf, performed by The London Metropolitan Orchestra and my trio with Harvie S and Peter Erskine. Something that will change the world!!!….sorry, got a bit carried away.

Alan at the Reform Club in London.

Alan at the Reform Club in London.

Oh, and if you got this far, that’s a photo of me at the Reform Club in London awaiting a poker game with Winston Churchill and Lloyd George (this is the corner of the card room where David Niv…. er, Phileas Fogg announced his trip around the world in 80 days, which, if nothing else, gave us the eponymously titled theme and the last song by Victor Young ).

Meanwhile, back to NYU teaching a couple of days a week. So that’s it. Please stay tuned.



Here you can find my discography (CDs/Vinyl), videos, etc.

Developing Story – Alan Broadbent – 2017
Turn Up The Quiet – Diana Krall – Alan Broadbent (Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements, Orchestration) – 2017
Songbook – Georgia Mancio & Alan Broadbent – 2017
The Art of Elegance – Kristin Chenoweth – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Arranger, Conductor) – 2016 – Grammy Nomination (Arrangement, instruments and vocals “I’m a Fool to Want You”)
Better Than Anything: Live –  Sheila Jordan, Harvie S, Alan Broadbent (piano) – 2015
Just One Of Those Things – Alan Broadbent (solo piano) – 2014
A Michael Feinstein Christmas – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 2014
I Remember You: With Love to Stan and Frank  – Diane Schuur – Alan Broadbent (piano, arrangements) – 2014
America the Beautiful – Alan Broadbent & NDR Bigband – 2014 – Nomination ECHO Jazz Award
Heart to Heart – Alan Broadbent (solo piano) – 2013 – 5* by Downbeat Magazine
To Bill Evans – Kerem Gorsev – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano “To Bill Evans”) – 2013
It’s Magic: The Songs of Sammy Cahn – Steve Tyrell – Alan Broadbent (arranger, piano) – 2013
Passione – Andrea Bocelli – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements) – 2013
Live At Giannelli Square, Vol. 2 – Alan Broadbent (trio) – 2012
After Hours – Glenn Frey – Alan Broadbent (Orchestral Arrangements, String Arrangements) – 2012
I’ll take Romance – Steve Tyrell – Alan Broadbent (arranger, conductor) – 2012
Kisses on the Bottom – Paul McCartney – Alan Broadbent (arranger, conductor #2, 8, 9, 11, 12) – 2012
Christmas – Michael Bublé – Alan Broadbent (Orchestral Arrangements) – 2011
In the Moonlight – Sophie Milman – Alan Broadbent (arranger) – 2011
Sophisticated Ladies – Charlie Haden Quartet West – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano)2011
Second Chance – Irene Kral – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 2010
You Are There: Duets – Hilary Kole – Alan Broadbent (piano on You Are There)
Live at Giannelli Square: Vol 1 – Alan Broadbent (trio) – 2010 – Grammy Nomination (Best Improv. Solo “Solar”)
People Time: The Complete Recordings – Kenny Barron/Stan Getz – Alan Broadbent (Composer – Allison’s Waltz) – 2010
Therapy – Kerem Gorsev – Alan Broadbent (Conductor) – 2010
Love is the answer – Barbra Streisand – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano) – 2009
Legendary – Bob Florence Limited Edition – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 2009
Desire – The Tierney Sutton Band – Alan Broadbent (Composer: Hearts desire) – 2009
Still Unforgettable – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (arranger, piano) – 2008
The Sinatra Project – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 2008
Moment’s Notice – Alan Broadbent trio – 2008
New Zealand Order of Merit – 2008
Back to Bacharach – Steve Tyrell – Alan Broadbent (String Arrangements) – 2008
The Best Of Quartet West – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 2007
The Gold Standards – Deborah Silver – Alan Broadbent (Arrangements)
A Tribute to Doris Day: Heart’s Desire – Sue Raney – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano, Orchestration, Composer) – 2007
The Jazz Album – Watch What Happens – Thomas Quasthoff – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2007
Reunion at Newport – The Woody Herman Orchestra – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Reunion at Newport”, “Sugar Loaf Mountain”) – 2006
Every Time I Think of You – Alan Broadbent – 2006 – Grammy Nomination (Best Composition “Every Time I Think Of You”)
The Disney Standards – Steve Tyrell – Alan Broadbent (String Arrangements, String Conductor) – 2006
The Songs of Sinatra – Steve Tyrell – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano, String Arrangements) – 2005
But Beautiful: The Best of Shirley Horn – Shirley Horn – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 2005
The Very Best of Jane Monheit – Jane Monheit – Alan Broadbent (Conductor, String Arrangements) – 2005
‘Round Midnight – Alan Broadbent trio – 2005 – Grammy Nomination (Best Improv. Solo “Round Midnight”)
The Futurist – Robert Downey Jr. – Alan Broadbent (piano “Smile”) – 2004
Hummin’ to Myself – Linda Ronstadt – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2004
Taking A Chance On Love – Jane Monheit – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor) – 2004
Concord Jazz Sampler Vol. 2 – Various – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano, String Arrangements, Musical Director) – 2004
More Live-Lee – Lee Konitz with Alan Broadbent – 2004
It’s Me – Abbey Lincoln – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Orchestral Arrangements) – 2003
You and The Night and The Music – Alan Broadbent – 2003 – Grammy Nomination (Best Improv. Solo “What’s New”)
Only One Life: The Songs of Jimmy Webb – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano, Orchestral Arrangements) – 2003
Do You Miss New York? Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center – Dave Frishberg – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Heart’s Desire”) – 2003
Concord Records 30th Anniversary – Various – Alan Broadbent (Scrapple from the Apple) – 2003
Live-Lee – Lee Konitz with Alan Broadbent – 2003
Live at the Rainbow Room – Jane Monheit – Alan Broadbent (Brass Conductor, Conductor, Duet, French Horn, Guest Artist, Musician, Piano, Primary Artist, String Arrangements, String Conductor, Woodwind Arrangement) – 2003
Introducing Christopher Dawson – Christopher Dawson – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Lacrimosa (Ballade for violin and piano)” ) – 2004
The Christmas Album – Johnny Mathis – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 2002
Live in Paris – Diana Krall – Alan Broadbent (Conductor, Music Direction) – 2002
American Dreams – Charlie Haden with Michael Brecker – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor)  2002
In The Sun – Jane Monheit – Alan Broadbent (Conductor, String Arrangements, Brass Arrangement, Harp Arrangement, Woodwind Arrangement, String Conductor) – 2002
Ask a Woman Who Knows – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Orchestral Arrangements), Grammy Nomination for Best arrangement accompanying a vocal for “I’m Glad There is You” – 2002
Michael Feinstein with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, Piano) – 2001
Heartstrings – Russell Malone – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 2001
You’re My Thrill – Shirley Horn – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 2001
The Music Of Eric Von Essen Vol. 2 – Broadbent / Cline / Erskine / Pasqua & many more – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 2001
Roadhouse – Ruth Cameron – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2000
Romance on Film/Romance on Broadway – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2000
Friends for Schuur – Diane Schuur – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2000
From the Heart – Sheila Jordan – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 2000
Continuity – Alan Broadbent & Putter Smith – 2000
The Music of Eric Von Essen, Vol. 1 – Alan Broadbent / Alex Cline / Nels Cline / Peter Erskine / Alan Pasqua – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 2000
The Private Collection – Charlie Haden – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 2000
Big City Rhythms – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 1999
This One’s from the Heart – James Darren – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor) – 1999
Live at Newport Jazz Festival 1972 – Woody Herman & His Thundering Herd – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Variations on a Scene”, “Reunion at Newport”) – 1999
The Art of the Song – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1999 – Grammy Award for Arrangement of “Lonely Town”
When I Look in Your Eyes – Diana Krall – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 1999
Music Is My Life – Diane Schuur – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1999
Keep on Keepin’ On: 1968-1970 – Woody Herman and His Thundering Herd – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano, Piano (Electric), Composer) – 1998
Tipiqueros – Bongo-Logic – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Be-Bop and Roses”) – 1998
Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil – Original Soundtrack – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 1997
Personal Standards – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1997
Silent Pool – Marian McPartland – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor, String Arrangements, String Conductor) – 1997
Stardust – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) –  Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement with Accompanying Vocal “When I Fall in Love” – 1996
Greatest Movie Themes – Roger Williams – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Conductor) – 1996
Now Is the Hour – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1996
The Five Seasons – Eddie Daniels – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1996
Pacific Standard Time – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1995
Holly & Ivy – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano, Orchestral Arrangements) – 1994
East Coast West Coast – Toots Thielemans – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1994
Heart Strings – Sheila Jordan – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Composer, Arranger, Conductor) – 1994
A Tribute to Bing Crosby – Mel Tormé – Alan Broadbent (Conductor, Arranger) – 1994
Over the Fence – Alan Broadbent trio – 1994
Always Say Goodbye – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1994
Sweet Home Cookin’ – Karrin Allyson – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 1994
Wes Bound – Lee Ritenour – Alan Broadbent (Piano, String Arrangements, Flute Arrangement) – 1993
Concord Duo Series, Vol. 4 – Alan Broadbent, Gary Foster – 1993
Take a Look – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 1993
Scott Hamilton With Strings – Scott Hamilton – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Director, Conductor, Piano, Composer) – 1993
Haunted Heart – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1992
Better Days – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1992
Here’s to Life – Shirley Horn with Strings – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1992
Unforgettable: With Love – Natalie Cole – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Celeste) – 1991
The Raven Speaks – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Reunion at Newport 1972”) – 1991
Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 14 – Alan Broadbent – 1991
Away from you – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1990
Stolen Moments – Lee Ritenour – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1990
In Good Company – Sue Raney – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Piano) – 1990
The M.G.M. Album – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1989
In Angel City – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1988
Isn’t It Romantic – Michael Feinstein – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1988
Another Time – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1987
Quartet West – Charlie Haden Quartet West – 1987
Serious Swingers – Bud Shank, Bill Perkins – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Composer “Nictation”) – 1986
Oslo – The Bob Brookmeyer Quartet – 1986
Everything I Love – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1986
Song of Home – Alan Broadbent Trio – 1985
It’s a Good Day – Mavis Rivers – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 1983
Warne Marsh Meets Gary Foster –  Warne Marsh – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1982
Double Piano Jazz Quartet at Carmelo’s, Vol. 1 – Shelly Manne – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Composer “Marilyn Monroe”) – 1982
Playin’ It Straight – Jack Sheldon – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1980
Woody and Friends at the Monterey Jazz Festival – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 1979
Road Father – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Sugar Loaf Mountain”) – 1979
Palette – Alan Broadbent – 1979
Crystal Comments – Bud Shank  – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Piano (Electric), Fender Rhodes) – 1979
La Fiesta – Woody Herman & His Orchestra – Alan Broadbent (Composer “Reunion at Newport”, “Sugar Loaf Mountain” – 1978
Gentle Rain – Irene Kral – Alan Broadbent (piano) – 1977
Chick, Donald, Walter & Woodrow – The Woody Herman Band – 1978 – Grammy Nomination Best Instrumental Arrangement “Aja”
First Flight – Don Menza – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Synthesizer Strings, Composer “Mz.Liz) – 1977
Live – Irene Kral – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1977
Kral Space – Irene Kral – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1977
Children of Lima – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (composer, arranger) – 1975 – Grammy Nomination (Best Instrumental Arrangement “Children of Lima”)
Summer Place ’76 – Percy Faith & His Orchestra – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Composer “Dream Your Dream”) – 1975
Herd at Montreux – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 1975
Where Is Love? – Irene Kral – Alan Broadbent (Piano) – 1974
Thundering Herd – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Arranger) – 1974
Giant Steps – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Arranger, Composer “Be-Bop and Roses” – 1973
Downbeat Magazine’s “Best Arranger” Award in 1972
Brand New – Woody Herman – Alan Broadbent (Piano, Piano (Electric), Composer) – 1971



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Alan Broadbent - Photo by Jon Frost

Photo by Jon Frost

Alan Broadbent was born in Auckland, New Zealand and in 1966, at the age of 19, received a Downbeat Magazine scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1969 he was asked to join Woody Herman’s band as his pianist and arranger for 3 years. In 1972 he settled in Los Angeles, beginning a musical relationship with the legendary singer Irene Kral (no relation to Diana Krall). Soon he was also invited into the studio scene as a pianist for the great Nelson Riddle, David Rose and Johnny Mandel. In the early 90s he was asked to be a part of Natalie Cole’s famous “Unforgettable” cd, at which time he toured as her pianist and, a little while later, as her conductor. At this time he wrote an orchestral arrangement for her second video with her dad, “When I Fall In Love”, which won him his first Grammy Award for “best orchestral arrangement accompanying a vocal”.

Turning Points

Shortly after, he became a member of Charlie Haden’s Quartet West, touring the festivals of Europe, UK and the USA. It was while with this group that he won his second Grammy, an orchestral accompaniment written for Shirley Horn of Leonard Bernstein’s “Lonely Town”.

As a soloist and with his jazz trio, Broadbent has been nominated for Grammys twice for best instrumental performance, in the company of such artists as Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins and Keith Jarrett. In 2007 he was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit, an honor he holds in high regard.

The Now

Broadbent is Diana Krall’s conductor for her occasional orchestra concerts and is the conductor on her “Live in Paris” DVD. Recently he has been the arranger on Glenn Frey’s cd with strings, “After Hours”, and wrote six string arrangements for Sir Paul McCartney’s “Kisses On The Bottom” with the London Symphony. He has just returned from solo piano concerts in the UK, Poland and France.

It has been his lifelong goal, through his orchestral arrangements and jazz improvisations, to discover, in popular music and standard songs, deeper feelings of communication and love.



One thing I love about music is that, just through notes you can move people and be moved. Whether it’s jazz, classical, popular music or standard songs, if it has that certain human quality to it, that’s what I am looking for. And if it can be art on top of that, so much the better.

Alan Broadbent


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